Customers and Projects

Below is listed a few of the companies and projects I have worked on in the past, either as contractor or as employee:

  • Døgndata ApS Jan 2014 - present, Aarhus, DK (partly remote)
    Implementing functionality for a new large public customer which supports an entire new segment of similar customers;
    Courses management system;
    Maintenance, code base clean-up, improving overall stability and test coverage.
  • NettoPower ApS Dec 2011 - Dec 2013, Aarhus, DK (partly remote)
    Architecting and implementing an entire energy company ground-up.
    Customer-facing website; billing, invoicing and payment;
    Consumption, estimation and price calculation enginge;
    Internal administration and customer service system;
    Back-end integration to Energinet.dk's DataHub and EDIFACT message exchange with 70+ Grid Companies.
  • Calligraphen.se Jun 2011 - Feb 2012, Aarhus, DK (remote)
    Web-shop and product configurator back-end.
  • Lenio ApS (now: Miracle A/S) Dec 2006 - Aug 2010, Aarhus, DK
    Software developer on several projects; including:
    Waoo address-search backend to check fibre availability for Waoo customer signup.
    KeepFocus Migration of original application/infrastructure to new (current) platform.
    Dansk Energi Security assessment report on remote-read electricity meters.
    NRGi Data security evaluation of remote meter reading system.
    EnergiMidt fibre-rollout management system.
  • ioko365 (now: piksel) Sep 2005 - Nov 2006, York / London, UK
    Developer on a number of projects. ; including:
    QBTV Video-on-demand streaming TV service infrastructure.
    Sun Online Extensions to website (blogs, comments on articles; news-filtering).
    Sky Broadcast Web-shop and product configurator.
  • Becta (British Educational Communications and Technology Agency) Mar 2005 - May 2005, Coventry, UK
    Foundation for integrating Becta's any web sites; Single-sign-on; Semantic Web (RDF) graphs.
  • British Telecom C&SI (now: BT Syntegra, BT Global Services) Sep 2003 - Feb 2005, Manchester / Leeds, UK
    Team-lead and developer on NHS NASP Spine project leading up to, and initial period after after winning bids.
  • Arla Foods UK Jun 2003 - Sep 2003 (support until late 2004), Leeds, UK
    Document-sharing system to share and manage revisions of documents between partners in building Stourton Dairy. Development, hosting and support.
  • IT+ A/S (now TietoEnator Digital Finance) Jan 2001 - Aug 2002, Aarhus
    Software developer and architect on a varity of public and financial customer projects, e.g.;
    PBS Developer on Single-Sign-on and secure payment solutions for PBS (Nets).
    Danish Inland Revenue Architecture on parts of LetLøn system.
  • Retail Internet A/S Apr 2000 - Dec 2001, Aarhus, DK
    Web app development; hosting and server-configuration.
  • TietoEnator Software Technologies Oct 1996 - Mar 2000, Aarhus, DK
    Software Engineer / IT Consultant working on a varity of projects

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